Follow me function, There's a part missing


I’m following ‘SketchUp Skill Builder: Modeling a Chess Set Part 5 - Queen’ to better use my SketchUp (via browser) but I’m running into a problem that I don’t know how to solve.

As soon as I use the ‘follow me’ function and follow the instructions from the video, I always miss a part of my drawn outline at the top.
See screenshots for more info.

Maybe someone can explain to me where I am doing something wrong or which setting I need to adjust.
The figure is 110x40 mm.

You’re running into the “tiny face” issue. Scale the model up before running Follow Me. Or use the Dave Method.

By the way, since the plinth is circular, you could make the entire thing in one Follow Me operation.



Thank you very much for your quick response and clear explanation + solution!
I will try it out and let you know if this solves my problem.

I have tried your workaround. This indeed works well.

Thank you for this!