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Hi, so I created a path, then my shape. When it follows the path, it skips the corners. Why is that?

sketchup.pdf (179.6 KB)

Most likely because it’s too small and SketchUp won’t create the tiny faces that are required. Best option is to work at a larger scale or use The Dave Method.

it’s 1", 1" and the corners are 1/8"
How do i work at a larger scale and then scale it down precisely to 1", 1"? Thanks in advance.

So that’s too small.

Easiest method is to use The Dave Method because you don’t have to work out scale factors for dimensions.

If you do want to scale up and scale back down, scale up by a factor of say, 100 and back down by a factor of 0.01.

awesome. Thanks I’ll read about it.

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it worked!!! thanks a million

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