Follow me leaves gap at top?



I am trying to create an object to print. I have created a arced face perpendicular to circle and wish to “follow me” around the circle. When I do, the object is not solid and there is a gap at the top which inhibits the fill ability.
Spinner.skp (1.4 MB)

I merged a pre and post “follow me” images together and you can see the gap at the top.

As you can see there is a distinct gap at the top and I am not sure how to correct this.


Another cross section image shows that there are missing planes?


Scale your work up 100x or 1000x before doing the FollowMe operation. Then scale back down afterward.

SketchUp has issues with very small faces. Ie, SketchUp has an internal accuracy of 0.001" and cannot create faces when the prospective vertices are coincident (ie two vertices are too close with regard to SketchUp’s internal accuracy.)


You need to scale it up to make it work, I tried scaling by 1000 and it worked for me. You can scale it back down after the follow me. I’m not sure if the arc face is perpendicular yet as the end doesn’t match up correctly…


I suspect that your extruded face is not properly located exactly perpendicular to the path’s starting edge.
I.E. it’s at a node, not a mid-point of an edge that is forming the circle [use View > Hidden Geometry > ON to see the segmentation].

Also the geometry is approaching the tiny geometry limit of SketchUp.
1/1000" at which points nearer that that are assumed to be coincident, so the edge isn’t created, and so its faces then do not appear either…

You can Scale up, do the extrusion and then scale down to avoid the limitation. - however I think the geometry needs to be adjusted first to ensure a smooth surface initially…


The circle I used to follow is broken near the face, fix that and scale up by 1000 and it should work. Or just select the small broken part and the rest of the circle before running follow me.


Thank you so much for all of your prompt replies. I have corrected it and it is as I wanted. Thanks!


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