Follow Me Missing Faces


So I attempted to use the follow me command in Sketchup Make, however there are issues with the face I am selecting. When I go to move around an extruded circle the object losses some of its faces. Now here is the kicker: its not because there are too many sides on the circle. The same thing happens when there are 196 sides to the circle or if there is 12 sides to the circle. The circle is 130mm in diameter. This is an example of the problem:

This was just basically a rectangle that I attempted to follow me around the cylinder. If I start the rectangle at the top or bottom of the cylinder the follow me works just fine.

Any ideas?



If the face to be formed by using the follow me is less than a mm ,then sketchup struggles to form the face. If this is the case you can scale your model up ( say ten x ) then scale back down after you have finished.



SU has problems making faces smaller than about 1mm in size. Try scaling everything up by x10 or x100, perform the Follow Me operation, then scale back down to full size.



I read that too, thing is the faces should be bigger then 1mm in the example, that’s why I tried with 12 faces on the cylinder, 12 faces should be small enough to produce faces that are bigger then 1mm. So I’m not sure that is the issue. However I will give it a try and see what I come up with. I have never scaled a model before how is this done?


I tried a different method by changing the template to meters, still the same issue. Here is the picture with the guy standing near the origin.


You just had two experienced users independently give you the identical answer, which Phil and I both know for sure to be the solution to your problem, and yet you keep trying other stuff that doesn’t work and which I could have told you wouldn’t work. I find it somewhat baffling.

You need to look up the Scale tool in the Knowledge Base and scale up your model as directed. I could look it up for you and give you a link to click–or I could just tell you step-by-step exactly what to do–but that would just be giving you a fish, now wouldn’t it? I’m trying to teach you to fish.



I think this is not the problem here.

Are you searching for this? Is there a reason for making it as two steps?


I thought maybe T3rr0Byte13 was going for something like this. This was with the 130mm diam. no scaling.



scaled 100 times.

Done precisely as requested. Unfortunately there is no change. I have spent 2 hours researching this before my original posting on here, everyone else says the same thing you do.


scales 1000 times



How many segments are you using on your circle? Have you tried increasing or decreasing the number of segments until your follow is completed?



I Just tried a 5 segment circle, then scaled to 100 times, same results.

I really appreciate the help on this, truly.

My actual objective here is to create a lid for a container I am 3d Printing. The follow me is to create a snap for the lid that conforms to the cylinder, I only need to go about 5 MM around the circle. Based on my experiences this is either a programming issue with sketchup, or my methods of completing said task is wrong.


I may have a different way to go about it. I am posting from my phone, so I will post later this evening with a possible solution.



Can you give me the dimensions of your lid? Diameter, lip offset, height, thickness, etc.?



Let’s try this,

Let us know if this is in the right direction.



Thanks Drew. 130mm diameter, 5mm thickness for the cylinder, the box on the side is 5mm wide and 13mm tall, it extrudes 5mm along the circle.



Not sure if this is what you are after, but it may be closer to what you need. It is to scale, and from the information given, to spec:

Start with your 180mm circle (90mm radius)

Select your offset tool on the outer edge, and extend 5mm

push/pull the outer lip down 13mm

Because I know you are using physical materials, you are not likely to utilize any material with a 0mm thickness, so I reversed faces and push/pulled the inner face by 1mm.

Final product looks like this:

Does this help?


Forgot an angle:


Okay, T3, I apologize. I didn’t quite get before that the dot at the center was the scale guy. Your object is not too small.

What still isn’t clear is exactly what your setup is before invoking Follow Me, and, for that matter, what you’re trying to accomplish. If it’s simply a disk with a round recess, @Cotty’s method of turning the entire profille at once is probably the best way, although if it is just a disk with a circular recess, you could just make a fat disk and Push/Pull the recess into it–no need to lathe it at all.

Please clarify what it is to which you are applying Follow Me and what you’re trying to create.



If you need the follow me tool to work, try this:

Start with your circle, and remember to have the faces correct. If they are not, flip faces. Remember to push/pull your 5mm.

Draw the box on an axis (green, in this case) with the dimensions of 5mm x 13mm. Once again, make sure your faces are correct.

Use the Follow Me tool on the white face and drag it into place. I stopped short to show the final effect (missing the inner face)

The result is as follows:



Is this more of what you are looking for? The faces are important when using the follow me tool, I have found.