Follow Me tool creates a bunch of individual faces, not an object

The follow me tool decided to stop making solid objects and now only makes a massive collection of individual faces that is useless. How do I fix this?

Without seeing your model or at least a screenshot, we can only guess what your issue is.
My guess would be that you are working too small.
Have a look here.

Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t think it’s a scale issue. It worked fine until I hid some parts of the model, then deleted the extruded parts I was working on in order to start over, then unhid all. Now everything I extrude with the follow me tool results in a thousand individual surfaces instead of a solid part. I have attached a screen shot of a 3/4" circle extruded along an arc, and the resulting geometry.

If you just mean the dotted lines?
Go to View and Untick Hidden Geometry.
You can also use a weld plugin so that you paths and profiles are continuous.

This might explain that all geometry is made up of flat faces with hidden or softened edges.

Thanks! Hidden Geometry was the issue! I’m not new to 3D or CAD but Sketchup is a bit unconventional and I was banging my head against the wall over something I assumed was simple.

Thanks again!

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