I made the piece a solid, but when I use follow me it gets weird

I know the solution is simple, but I am not seeing it.

Follow me is meant to be used with a face, not a solid.

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I did that but then sketchup says its not a solid. Its already scaled up to meters like the dave method, but I cant get sketchup to agree its a solid after the follow me is executed.

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It doesn’t need to be a solid for Follow Me to work. In fact the profile must be a single face. I’m puzzled. Where did you get the idea that you need a solid object to use with Follow Me?

Well I need the finished project to be a solid because I have windows and other features to pull through and cut out with solid tools. But twice now when I would use the planar surface to use follow me, the finished product would be a solid according to solid inspector, sketchup would not see it as one so I could not complete my modeling. Or I messed something up which is probably what happened.

That’s no reason to use Follow Me incorrectly. Making it solid comes after running Follow Me.

Solid Inspector 2 is not entirelyperfect. You might have to get your eyeball on the geometry to figure out where a problem might exist. I find that sometimes using the older Solid Inspector catches problems Solid Inspector 2 doesn’t.

I expect that’s an apt assessment.

One mistake people make is thinking solid inspector knows what groups and component are, it will look for nesting but will not flag up things that are simple raw geometry.
So it is possible you are seeing ‘everything is shiny’ but not getting a solid because you haven’t actually grouped the geometry.
GIF 11-05-2024 1-21-39 AM

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I welded the perimeter of the planar, or at least it appears to be. Its already scaled up to about 25 meters or so. Ive zoomed in to try and find broken lines, but I dont see anything.

Make sure the face you’re extruding is perpendicular to the beginning line on the path you’re following along. If it’s at an angle it can often create unintended consequences. Your screenshots only tell part of the story.

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