Object resulting from Follow Me is not solid

Hi, I have created an object using the follow me tool and used solid inspector to check if it is a solid - it says it is but sketchup says it is not.
I have patched all the holes, and looked for inner faces and edges and I think I have cleaned them all but it still says not solid.

I have also enlarged the object 200x to try to see if there was anything further but to no avail.

I was hoping someone could shine some light on this as I am thoroughly confused now as I can’t find any inner edges/faces.

Many thanks for the help, I have attached a file of the object for you to look at.
solid object help.skp (871.8 KB)

It looks good to me. For some reason it is not reporting as a solid, though. If you explode and re-group it, Entity Info shows a solid.

I found a tiny reversed face in one of those corners at the bottom of the top arch. I corrected it and checked. Entity Info showed it as solid. No exploding it like @TheOnlyAaron did but his method is faster. That face still would need to be corrected, though.

BTW, I notise that the arcs aren’t symmetrical. Should they be? The profile is also angled in a way that results in a taper on the outside. Is that correct?
Screenshot - 4_18_2023 , 10_08_56 AM

Incorrect tag usage, too.
Screenshot - 4_18_2023 , 10_10_48 AM

Thank you Aaron, this solved it.

Thank you for noticing as this was not intentional - appreciated a lot.
Also, yep, I was aware of the tag issue.

Happy to try to help. Sounds like you’ve got what you need now. I was working on a cleaner version of your model but it sounds like you don’t need it so I’ll stand down.

Yeah don’t worry about it I’ve sorted it out now but thank you for taking the time!

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