Unable to make solids from follow me tool

Hi everyone

I’ve got a deadline I’m desperately trying to meet, and I’m really being rinsed for time with Sketchup.

I’m using the follow me tool but on every part of the design it just makes it hollow. This is a nightmare, as when I’m exporting this for rendering, it just doesn’t look right.

My main concern is getting A, B and C solid. Especially C.

Please someone enlighten me.

It’s like everything just inverts.

This is what I start from:

In the bottom right I already made a start, but even though it seems solid, it is just hollow.

I’m not really understanding what your issue is, perhaps if you attach the model smeone can look at it better.
However, you do understand that SU is a Surface modeler, it doesn’t make “solids” as such, a solid in SU is a watertight skin.

Just realising this… Is this what they call a ‘noob’?

I’m trying to make this look like a glass vase, with a metal chamber in the middle, with water between the two. This is what I want it to look like when I render.