Follow Me tool problems ==> can't create solids



I am trying to create a Solid dough-nut shape, but I’m having trouble using the Follow Me tool

The problem is that where the Follow-Me cuts overlap at the top for the doughnut, it seems that a total mess is created at the top of the doughnut with the result that I can no longer turn it into Solid when I triple click on it and Group it.


Welding does not help.

Note: This is part of a larger project and the obvious answer of doing an extrusion of circle around a path and then adding shapes later didnt work very for me.



To go back to your doughnut shape. It’s very hard to tell exactly what you are doing wrong just from your images. It looks like your gaping is related to the profile face needing to be perpendicular to the path. When you break a circle at a vertex the Path is at an angle.The gaps could also be inaccuracies in how you drew the arcs, or even having arcs that are too big a radius to go around the curve.
As you see here I cut the circle at the midpoints of segments and move them onto the axis. This gives a face to draw your profile on that is perpendicular to the circle.


Re the doughnut shape, in order to get the circles (that were to be used for the Follow Me tool) to be absolutely square, I tried adding a small box 3D box, and drawing them on that.

Re your image above - all I can see is the axes!

The problem I’ve been having with using extrusions is getting things to become solid afterwards. For one thing, how do I stop the fact that when I over-write a surface with second surface, they both disappear (Aaarrgghh - why does this happen???) :rage:


If you are unable to see my gifs I’ll not bother any more.



I’m not sure what’s going on here.

To get clear, here is a screenshot (in JPG format) of what I can see on my screen.

Is that what it should like? Or am I being thick?


Most of my posts have animations in them. If you can’t see them there is no point me responding to your posts.


OMG I may have got a plugin causing trouble. Many apologies. Let me check an revert.

EDIT: Yes. OK I have just discovered an animated GIF blocker. I had no idea you had gone to such much trouble. Thank you so much! OK,I can now see your animations and I need to seriously go over what you have done. My eyes are hurting though. OK more later.


do you see my gif’s or are they all static as well?


Yes - posts crossed. See above. Thanks again - more later



a) Can anyone tell me why the attached is not a viable ‘solid’?

b) Can you recommend any special tools/plugins to help us find one why something cant be considered as ‘solid’ ?
(This is all taking so much TIME… :rage: :rage: :rage: )

Sketchup_v005_extruded.skp (278.5 KB)


There is an extra edge that needs to be removed.



  1. How did you track down the problem?

  2. Having spotted the extra arc how are you removing it so easily? (I tried double/triple clicking but no good)


the geometry of the faces IS solid, but you have a left over arc on it as well…

one ‘trick’ I use a lot is to paint the faces, one at a time, then select one >> right click >> Select >> All with same material >> right click >> Make Group…

it’s solid, if you then move it the you see extra edges…


OK I am starting to generate solids - FINALLY ! [deep sigh] - After all these hours that I have invested in Sketchup I was on the very point of abandoning SketchUp.

Thank you so much John & Box for your help.


great, your on your way, wait till they get tricky…

this one took me a little time…


Good luck with that… :sunglasses:


What is this beauty?