Creating a solid object from multiple surfaces and follow me


I’m new to Sketchup but have some experience with Rhino 3D.
I’m trying to create a solid to be exported as an STL
After some trial and error, I was able to create the model and run the solid inspector which showed 114 errors that it can’t fix.
I went back and forth and deleted some inside lines and even made a component
One of the issues was running a an elliptical shape on a disk with a follow me tool to form a nice edge around it.

The STL file that was exported had errors because the model was not completely solid
Can someone suggest where can I understand how to complete a solid ?
How can I solve this issue?

There are several things that might be wrong here. Without a few screenshots I would not even be able to take a guess what is causing the problem. If you could post a few then I might be able to take a few guesses.

Better yet, if you could post the file so I can take a look at it, I should be able to figure out what the problem is and find a way to fix it too.

Thank you, Can I send you the file for your eyes only ?


Sure, I would love to offer whatever assistance I can. I am curious why you are reluctant to post the file publicly but I am sure whatever reason you have is a good one and I will respect it. Just keep in mind that the more open you are with your models and what you need help with, the more likely someone will be able to help you.

I look forward to getting the chance to take a look at your file and (hopefully) finding an fix for you.

Thank you, Where can I upload it ?

I recommend we try the private message system we have on the forums, if that wont work, we can try email, google drive, or a dropbox.

Maybe you can extract this detail and get more suggestions for adapting your SU workflow to prevent those problems in the future?