Help making solid

Hi can anyone make the attached object solid ? I can’t figure it out. Tried solid inspector 2 but gives me some kind of surface border errors that can’t be automatically fixed.
mount.skp (668.0 KB)

This message indicates there are holes in the surface. You’ll need to find them and fix them by tracing over edges with the Line tool. When you run Solid Inspector 2, it highlights the problem spots. Hit Tab and it’ll zoom in on each one in turn.

If you clean up the model first with CleanUp3 to get rid of the unneeded co planar edges, these holes will be easy to spot without the extension. The hole shown above viewed from a bit of distance is easy to pick out because there shouldn’t be any profile edges in that spot.


I would import it at a larger scale and the holes may not happen.

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DaveR I’m a begginer in sketchup, I don’t know how you did all that, in my sketch even the object looks different, it’s not smooth as yours, it’a all messy full of poligons.

It looks like you imported a .stl file. Is that correct? ThomThom’s CleanUp3 from the Extension Warehouse will make quick work of cleaning up the coplanar edges.

As Box wrote, working at a larger scale will help. At this point you can make a copy of the component and scale it up by 1000 to work on it. When you are finished, exit the giant copy and hit Zoom Extents to return to the original.

Yes I imported a stl from thingiverse I thought it would be simpler to modify an existing model, in the end I made it again from scratch. I didn’t manage to do it with cleanup and solidinspector, also trying to close the gaps was unsuccessfull.

The best way to import small models from stl.files is changing the units on import:

Select centimeter or meter and then import the model.
When you are finish with your modification you can export the model to stl and set the units in the export options to millimeters and you get your model in the orignal size exported.