Why is my model not solid?

Hi, I try to make a rotation item. I draw an area and use the follow me tool. I see that an area is selected, but the result is always a piece with an outer border an not a solid piece. Rotation_1.skp (1.1 MB)

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

It’s below SU’s level of accuracy. SketchUp was originally designed for architecture, not for dealing with tiny fractions of a mm. That’s why it is omitting all those tiny bevels.
Just scale the entire model up by 10x, Use Follow Me…then scale it back down again.
If faces are too small they simply won’t fill-in.

If, on the other hand, you mean that the lathe operation produces just a surface skin, not a solid object, then that’s because SU is a surface, not a solid modeller.

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As @AlanF says some of your edges are just too tiny, so the facets gets missed.
SketchUp has a tolerance of 1/1000th
Any points closer than that are considered as coincident, so the start/end of a new edge that would be shorter than the limit results in no edge creation, and the face reliant on that edge is also then missed out.

If you scale up, do the follow-me then scale down again the tiny geometry can exist - you just can’t create it…

A known trick is to make a component of your object, make a copy and scale that copy x1000, now edit that instance and do the follow-me etc.
All faces form. exit the edit and delete the large copy.
When you look back at the original sized one those tiny facets are still there…

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