The Dave Method

The Dave Method is the clever use of components popularized by @DaveR to avoid the tiny face issue.
Sketchup fails to form faces when edge segments get down around the 1/1000" mark. However, tiny faces can exist so the workaround has generally been to scale up your geometry, edit it, then scale back down.
This works, but can lead to some issues.
The Dave Method leverages the power of components to make life easier.
The basic concept is, you start with a component set at the size you want, then you make a copy of that component and scale it up (this can be a random amount), you then edit the large component and those edits will be reflected in the original. You can then simply delete the large component, thus avoiding scaling down problems.

Here are two examples of how the edits work.


Another common example, spheres have holes in the top.

A thread example.

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