Problem with the Dave Method

I’m having this issue with the dave method and I’m curious to see if anyone else has run into. I will basically go through the process of creating a a very small piece and then save the component to a collection when I’ve completed it. When I go to pull the component into a model it is missing faces that were clearly there when I saved it. Any thoughts?

I’ve used this method for many years (more than a dozen) and have never had that problem. I wonder what is different about your models.

Well all of my drawings involve a lot of arcs at very small dimensions

So the models I create where the “Dave Method” is used.

Have tried it in 2020? I wasn’t having the issue before… let me see if I can show you.

Qrail_Universal_Splice_06Feb20.skp (646.5 KB)

I literally just finished this one and saved it but when I pulled in the the component the faces were gone.

That screen shot is from 2020 and I have done some small parts in 2020 with no problem.

If you have SU set to fix your models automatically it will remove some faces.
You do have some very very small arcs.

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On opening that model I got a notice to fix errors, and on letting it proceed there were quite a lot of them repaired. If you suppressed that notice in preferences->general, you may not be seeing this.

The thing is a group, not a component. Why is that?

That’s it most likely, It was set to fix problems automatically

I let CleanUp 3 and Solid Inspector fix problems with my models and I don’t have issues with disappearing faces. Looks like Box and Steve have you sorted so I’ll leave you with them.

Because I sent you the straight file of the component. It’s weird but I guess when you make something a component, the file itself is the nest.

Then it looks like you have a component containing a group. Unneeded nesting.

That was a frantic attempt at me trying to find the problem

It depends on what is very small. If edges are smaller than 0.001" the larger component needs to hold the component’s definition and be in the model somewhere.
Otherwise (saving a small object and trying to re-use it later) SketchUp may have merged some endpoints and/or omit faces that were there before.
An entire object can thus be “shrinked”/shrunk to only a few edges