Why won't Follow Me work here?

So I’m trying to make this face a solid 360 degree shape using Follow Me, but all it does is turn everything into a flat closed circle. I have tried both pre-selecting the circle, selecting Follow Me, and then clicking on the face, and then also tried simply dragging the face around the circle, but neither method seems to work. The video tutorials make it seem simple enough, and I’ve used these methods successfully before, so why won’t it work this time?

Probably too many edges.
Best bet is to add your model so we can see what you’ve got.

Or SketchUp’s short edge (in)tolerance. How big is that object?

Edit: if I draw something like this too small and do the follow me, I get two circles because the edges on the surface are shorter than the tolerance. Make it larger and all works fine.

too small

OOOH. That’s gotta be it! It’s going to be the string post for a guitar tuner, so they’re tiny. I’m talking nothing you’re looking at there is over 10mm. That actually explains a lot. I’ll scale it up, make the piece, and then scale it back down. Here goes nothing…

Or use the Dave Method.

Yup. That was it! I think this knowledge will help me a lot moving forward, since I work in such small measurements. THANK YOU!!!