Follow me says "NO Thanks!" ;)



Seems like a simple thing! I want the vertical to follow around the circumference to make a 1/8 inch thick “button” with a radiused edge.

All kinds of different things happen when I click the circle then click follow me on the vertical face I created but none of them I would expect! :slight_smile: I am curious to see if it works for others! bumber_plug.skp (1.4 MB)


You’re working at too small of a size. Scale it up by a factor of 10 or 100 and Follow Me will work just fine. And if you want a face on the non-radiused side, delete the face of the circle first. There’s no reason in the world for 260 segments in that circle nor 45 in that radius, either.


Not to mention you have used a huge number of segments for your circle and arc.


I drew a new circle and was generous with the number of sides at 96. I reduced the number of sides on the radius of the profile to 24 which is still more than enough for something that small.

I used my regular method of making a component of the profile and path, copying it and scaling up the copy which you can see in the background. I used Follow Me on the large copy and as you can see, the original gets the same treatment.

Follow me errors around a hollow circular ring
Problems with Solid Tools --> Subtract

And here’s a moving version of The Dave Method to show you what is happening.


Interesting, I am now 6 weeks in and this is the first time I have heard you can’t work in actual size. Good to know!

Ok, so is there some reason not to?

I realize this may sound weird but I actually like circles to be round. So I figured out early on I have to change it anyway or circles are not round. So as long as I have to bother with it anyway I just got in the habit of thinking in degrees. That 260 is a typo- it should have been 360. Circles are 360 degrees. LOL


I guess by six weeks in, you’'d kind of expect you’d know everything about SketchUp, huh?

You can work at actual size but SketchUp won’t create very short edges which is what you were trying to make it do. The short edges (and thus tiny faces) can exist but SketchUp won’t create them so working on small things like that requires some creativity.

You can use 360 segments for your circles if you want but you’re pretty much guaranteed to create problems for yourself. 's up to you.

you’ll also find you have unnecessary file bloat because of it.


Well that would be why I asked if was a reason not to use so many segments. I am now guessing there must be some reason not to. Noted!

Thanks again for the help!


If you are only making simple models for 3D printing you’ll probably get away with many facet circles, but as your models become more complex each of those segments adds to the workload for your system.
SU will bog down as you give it more and more edges to work with. For rendering purposes fewer segments will display equally well while keeping edge count down.
3D Printing is different as you want smoother surfaces, but it is still limited to the resolution of your printer.
So, use as many as you like, but work larger to avoid the tiny faces.
Also, ignore that template with the 3d printer in it, it’s just 2meg of bloat.


I literally Lol’d at that because when I first saw that template with the print area box I thought, “Oh cool!” Now as you can see the first thing I do is move away from it to start drawing!

I will get rid of the 2 meg of bloat! :slight_smile: