Follow Me doing strange things

I’m trying to created a 1/8" rod, bent into a u shaped hook to go around a 1" dowel. I have succeded in the model I’ve been working on, but what I had to go through to make it work would take pages to describe.

So I went back into a new session, and executed a perfectly normal sequence of steps. At least that’s how I percieve what I did. I have run into all kinds of strange results usind the Follow Me tool over the past few years. Usually it’s me, but many times it’s the Follow Me tool.

Please look at the attached model, and tell me what on earth is going on. I should mention that I’ve tried many different approaches, and nothing has worked, except one really strange solution I came up with. Before I condemn Follow Me, I have to consider I’ve done something wrong. I just can’t imagine what it is.
Follow Me problem.skp (83.9 KB)

You’re working at a very small size and running into the “tiny face issue”.

Between the small radius of your circular profile and the large number of edge segments along with the very small radius of the arc in the path, SketchUp won’t make the required faces. This is where the "Dave Method can help.



Do you really need the large number of segments in the circular profile? Are you still trying to make it fit around a 1 in. dowel?

I’m truly embarrassed. I use the scale method frequently, but didn’t think of it this time. What is amazing is that I was successful without using the scale tool. Here is the actual model I was working in.
Drying Rack - A Frame.skp (840.7 KB)

Only 24 sides for the circle in the Dry Rack frame but 60 sides in your example.

BTW, two copies of the hook at one end. I moved one of them over for the screen shot.
Screenshot - 6_26_2023 , 2_26_33 PM

Yes, I was aware of the duplicate, but hadn’t gotten around to cleaning the model up yet. The Outliner tray is a real mess. You don’t miss much!

Just my thing to look closely at SketchUp files. :wink:

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