Rounding an edge problem


Once again, I’ve done some searching and haven’t found anything that clarifies my issue.

I seem to be unable to round over the edge of this hemi (well, slightly less actually) - sphere.

I’ve made a tube. I formed a channel in one end. I then added a bridge over part of the channel. I drew a two-point tangent-to-edge curve (which you can hopefully see in the above pic) in the corner, which I was hoping to be able to extrude away or follow-me or something around to the other edge.

Push/pull doesn’t work, as it won’t push back in (and wouldn’t go around the curve anyways, right?). Follow Me gives me this:

Suggestions? Instructions? Guidance?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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I’d guess you are seeing two normal issue with follow me.
If your geometry is quite small it will have problems forming the faces, so you get a hole at the end and a strange arc that sort of follows but doesn’t cut. Line segments down around 1mm cause this. Scale everything up and try again.

Second thing, follow me uses the last segment of the arc to finish the end, which tends to cut the end strangely if the segment isn’t perpendicular to the face you want to finish on. Simple work around is to extend the line and trim back.

You can see the errors below, on the left everything is small scale so the cut didn’t work, on the right scaled up you get the funny flap at the end. I scaled 10x between the two follows, so it’s not just the size of the arc that made the difference.


Ok, Box was faster, but here my image to show that followme will work for this…


The best way to help us help you is to upload/attach the model to your first post.


Fredo’s RoundCorner extension might do the trick for you:


Thanks for the help everyone. I’ll get time to fiddle with it later today, hopefully.

Bah! Donno why I didn’t even think about uploading the file itself. :slight_smile:

4 with keychain loop started.skp (107.4 KB)


See this copy of your model and the video tutorials below.

4 with keychain loop started A.skp (378.7 KB)

The model was very small. SU has issues creating tiny geometry.
I scaled it up x10. Learn how to use the Tape Measure tool to scale it back down.

Follow Me Tool

Intersect With Model

Tape Measure Tool