Rounding an edge around a corner


Hey there :slight_smile:

Im trying to round the edge of a curve and ran into the problem, that by using the follow me tool it creates weird edges (see screenshoi).

My method is the following:

  1. Create a area of 500*500mm with one round corner (done with the arc tool, giving a quarter circle)
  2. Push/Pull to a height of 50mm
  3. On one side create a rounded edge with the arc tool
  4. Using the follow me tool along the rounded corner.

What could be the problem?


The path needs to start and end with segments perpendicular to where you want the ends of the follow-me to be. Standard SketchUp arcs put a vertex at each end and the first segment from that vertex is a chord of the circle, i.e. not perpendicular to the end face. You can either rotate the arc so that it has a midpoint at each face or add little extension segments at each end and then trim off excess after the follow-me.


Follow me starts and ends the extrusion perpendicular to the path so what you are seeing is normal. You can extend the path past the corner a little bit or change the path so it ends perpendicular to the faces at each end.