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Hi everybody.

I read in another post and I installed the Round Corner Fredo extension but I don’t get the expected result either, I tried with a cube shape and it worked well.
I’d like to know how to do it with the standard SU tools.

I drew an arc like this and I’d like to round all its border.

  1. My first question is why using follow me tool this is the result, what happened to the start of the shape?
    Do I need more segments? I don’t think that fix my problem.

I think I could fix it selecting the face and moving it to make it snap.
Edit: Forget about moving like I did in the following screenshot, it’s no the fix.

I noticed that if I delete the round border, I have to trace a line to fill it again, but if I delete the diagonal line then the face disappears again, so that means it’s not working on two dimensions.

  1. How can I complete the empty corner?

Edit: this is something I tried but it didn’t work as I expected.

Thanks in advance.


I think it’s almost solved.

If someone want to see it.

I guess I can soft the edges and use x-ray and wirefrime view to erase some segments not needed.

Thank you.


I think your problem is that FollowMe starts drawing along the axis of the first segment of your path curve.

An an Arc doesn’t start at 90° as you might expect.

See this thread for an explanation.


Thank you John, I read that post yesterday but I didn’t understand at all.
But now I start to understand, thank you so much as always.


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