Corner Trouble!

I’m not using the RoundCorners plug-in just the follow me tool. The Peice im using with the follow me tool is a curve with a 5mm radius an inner curve with a 3mm radius to make the shape similar to if you were to quarter a zero or the letter ‘o’. But something has happened to the corners and I don’t know what?

Thank you for any help,

Hi Ben.

I’m not an expert with the follow-me tool, but I believe what you’re experiencing might be called clipping (?). I’ve run into this, too. It happens when you have too many polygons in a really small curve. You might try decreasing the number of line segments in your arcs.

By the way, if somebody has a better explanation, or if I’m wrong, it won’t offend me :wink:

Clipping is on one side only, closest to the viewer.
Your model is too small. Scale it up by 10x and try again.
SketchUp can’t create the small faces that close the object. It can maintain them when scaling back again to actual size.


Thanks @Wo3Dan. That’s what the Sages are for. So I got the terminology wrong, but the right concept.
You can either scale it up as @Wo3Dan suggests, then scale down after performing follow-me, or, in the interest of keeping it low-poly, you can still try my first suggestion. I sort of duplicated your problem in the video below, then I decreased both curves to 5 segments each instead of 12.

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Thanks for your replies I really appreciate it! I try it this afternoon as I’m working this morning and hopefully it’ll work!

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