Can u use FOLLOW ME in this situation?


Caution - nooby
I am trying to create an open snap on clamp for an LM8LUU bearing.

I have managed to create everything except the internal ridge to catch the grooves on the bearing - With mounting holes AND it is solid. Maybe I should quit while I am ahead…

I am trying to create a trapezoidal C and add it to the above. The following is an exercise in itself but I have no idea if I can then attach it to what I have.

Picture a C with a back side 1 wide and a front (inside) 0.5 wide with sloping sides.
The tips of the C will have ramps 1 long from the inside to the back side.

I have managed to create a square C and the ramp parts but am puzzled as to how to connect the back arc to the front ark with a surface.

I was thinking about using the follow me tool, but that does not appear to want to work on the arcs. Maybe it would if I could figure out how to get the shape perpendicular to a point on the arc.

Any pointers would help


Post an image or the model…


here is what I am trying to duplicate (STL) with a different mount (SKP).
The SKP is where I am now.
Core C post.skp (131.9 KB)
Upper_bearing_holder_extruder.stl (109.5 KB)


You are modeling at very tiny sizes.
SketchUp’s tolerance is set to suit day-to-day objects like TVs and houses,
Not microscopic machine parts.
Anything <~1/1000th inch will fail as the points are deemed to be coincident, so no edge is made and a face needs its edges etc…

That said… tiny geometry can ‘exist’, but it cannot be ‘created’.
So Scale your model up by say x10 [or more], then the FollowMe operations etc will make edges and faces, as you hope…
When you are done Scale back down to the required size.
Then your tiny objects will still exist, because it’s just their initial creation that you can’t achieve !


I’ll try that but these parts r in mm and they r at least 0.5mm wide.


If any edge is 1 mm or smaller (like a curve segment,) there will be issues using tools like Follow Me. Temporarily Scale up 10-1000x, as TIG advised.



I ACTUALLY HAVE A MANIFOLD…technically, it isn’t quite perfect but it is good enough to print. I did it at 10x

This is why it isn’t perfect.
When I did the FM on each side then added the end ramp pieces, I made straight lines from the extrusion to the lip of the cylinder.
It creates a flat surface over the curved surface between the 2 extrusions but made a ledge on the other side. Before I realized what was happening I deleted the curved surface - when I should have deleted the flat surface and made both sides the same.

The ? is – is there a way to made a twisted flat face attach to a curved face???

If u can figure out what I am talking about it is 100 points…

picture attached
the bottom is the curved cylinder
the next rectangle is the twisted piece (no face), rotating 90° from rt to lft (or lft to rt).
If the bottom line on that can be made to attach to the curved face than it would be perfect.

This is a picture of the other side and the bottom piece on that is a face to the curve that SU put in itself.

But without that bottom line on the triangle the whole side is open
It is also open if I remove the diagonal on the twisted piece, But the bottom surface remains.
thx again…


maybe try follow-me_ing the entire length then cutting away the shape on the end?