Can't get Follow Me to extrude a circle on circular path

Can’t get Follow Me to extrude a circle, the circle just disappears when I click it, other shapes work but miss some faces.

Probably too small. Try scaling up by a factor of 10 or 100 before running Follow Me.

Thank You DaveR. I’ve been trying for most of 2 days to figure out what I was doing wrong!

Don’t suffer in silence. :wink:

Sketchup won’t create edges when the endpoints are less than .001" long and without the required edges, no faces are formed. Those short edges can exist but they have to be created at a larger size.

I frequently need to draw small objects and leverage the power of components to do it. I start out by drawing the basic object–maybe a profile and path at the normal size. then I make a component of it all, make a copy, scale the copy up and run Follow Me. After I’ve done whatever needs doing, I close the giant copy and delete it. When I return to the original which is where I left it, the geometry is created and all is good. this works extremely well for me for small objects like this drawer pull and for detailed objects like the barley twist legs on the table.