Folowme tool won't extrude around radiused corners

I created a continuous path and added a circular face, wanting to get a tubular structure. The Follow Me tool extrudes a tube along the straight path b, but won’t follow the curved parts.

odd, can you upload your file for us to try it out?

Did you highlight the entire path that you wanted to extrude on before you activated the Follow Me tool?

Try to scale the model up before the follow me (factor 1000).


Hi Tracy,

Like Cotty says, the model is too small.
Asking SU to create new faces <1mm will often fail.
Scale it up by some easy to remember factor > Finish the model > Scale back down when finished.

One can use either the Scale Tool or the Tape Measure Tool to scale geometry.
It’s quick and easy to learn about those here: SketchUp Toolbar Videos


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Okay. This worked, more or less. Wouldn’t extrude automatically when I selected everything in the wireframe model.Finally removed a tiny section from the frame, then selected everything and the extrusion worked, following the curves as well. Thanks to everyone for the help.

That’s worked perfect for me. Thanks for your help.