Follow Me not following all of path

Hi Everyone, I did this:

  1. drew a path consisting of a series of lines and curves
  2. drew a circle normal to the end of the path
  3. muliti-clicked the path, so it was all selected
  4. chose Follow Me
  5. clicked the face of the circle

As shown in the attached screenshot, the circle has not followed the curves, although it has followed the first segment of each. Given that the path is complete (I was able to select it all by multi-clicking), I am stuck as to why parts are missing. All thoughts very welcome :slight_smile:

What is the radius of the arcs and how many segments. Very likely you’re running into the tiny face issue.

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@DaveR Thjanks for quick reply. The extruded circle is 1.5mm radius and the bends are 2mm and 11mm radius.

Depending on the number of sides on your circle, that is likely the problem. Try scaling the whole think up be 1000x, then run follow me.

Brilliant! I did x10, did the follow me and then successfully reduced size by 0.1. Useful tip, thanks Dave.

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@TheOnlyAaron gave the real tip. I was just guessing at the problem.

You might find the Dave Method useful for this kind of thing. It saves scaling back down.

Great tips - thanks everyone