The triangle hols in cube corners

I have a problem with follow me tool. I want to create a cube in skatchup but when I use a follow tool I getting some triangle hols in each corners. Meybe someone han any idea how to fix it?

Please post a picture or model illustrating your problem.

Why make a cube with the Follow Me tool when it is just an extruded square?

  1. If the Follow Me path has things like round corners, their radius must be bigger than the width of the face you are using as the profile, otherwise you will get odd overlapping geometry in the corners. This is because the profile is always kept perpendicular to the path, and the segmentation of the curves in SketchUp.

  2. The overall scale of your object may be too small. Follow Me can fail if it has to create faces with edges smaller than about 1 mm. This can be circumvented by scaling your model up by 10 x or 100x, and scaling it back down when finished.


I would bet on this.