Follow me curve creates a hole at originating point


I want to create a routered edge (or curved chamfer) effect on a rectangular solid. I do this by drawing a curve on the end surface and using Follow Me to create the edge on all 4 surfaces. However, at the originating corner, a hole is left after the follow me process is complete. See attached images. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrect?


Follow-me will produce a better result at corners if you start the profile in the middle of an edge. One way to do this is to chop a gap in the edge, draw the profile perpendicular to the path in the gap, follow-me around the path, and then use push-pull to close up the gap and erase the start and stop edges…

Another factor is that follow-me can have problems with small geometry if your model is too small. You can avoid this by scaling up before doing the follow-me and then scaling back down afterward.


You’ve probably run into SU’s notorious minimum face size limitation. (Hard to be positive since there’s no indication of size on your picture.) Faces whose smallest dimension is around 1mm (.04") or less simply don’t form. This is especially troublesome where Follow Me extrudes a curve around another curve or around a corner because it creates many tiny faces in these situations.

The typical workaround is to work at a larger scale, say 100x or 1000x while you create the small geometry and then scale it back to full size afterward. A face can survive being shrunk to a small size; it just can’t be created at a small size.