Follow chamfer all the way

Hi, is there a way to extend the chamfer in the attached jpg all the way down the pier shaft?

As you push down with the Push/Pull tool, press the CTRL key to create another face. Extend this plenty past the base as its often easier to erase the parts you don’t need after intersecting the faces…

Hope this helps.


Or did the OP mean down along the curve too? I then wrote: “If so, select the straight and curved edges and then use Follow Me on the defined chamfer.” However, as you can see below, this doesn’t work very well. Do you know why not @DaveR (or anyone else)?

The remaining triangle at the top is due to a known bug in SU2018. Earlier versions don’t do this. At the shoulder, where the profile turned the corner, it folds on itself. You could mitigate that by using a number of segments such that the length of an edge segment is longer than the short side of the chamfer triangle. At the bottom, the issue is due to the fact that Follow Me will always end the extrusion perpendicular to the last segment in the path. It’s doing what it is designed to do but your last segment isn’t perpendicular to the bottom edge. I can thing of three ways to wind up with the proper chamfer as you are trying to show.

  1. Create the arc so that the segments are long enough and perpendicular to the vertical and horizontal edges.

When you run Follow Me, you wind up with this.

  1. Create a larger cutter profile that extends well off the part. Extend the Follow Me path beyond the edges of the part, too. In this case the ends of the arc don’t need to be perpendicular to anything. This is similar to Ian’s thing with Push/Pull and making it go beyond where he wanted it to stop.

Run Follow Me:

Intersect Faces and clean up the waste.

  1. Use the Sharp Corner tool from Fredo’s Round Corner to do the heavy lifting.

For this I would probably use Sharp Corner but all three methods have their place.


wasn’t it starting since version 2017?

Maybe. I don’t remember it in SU2017.