Follow me or chamfer on a curved face

Wanted to keep posts about separate issues separate.

Ok, so i am still working on the scroll saw plate and i need to do one last thing. I need to chamfer the larger circle down. i use either round corner or the follow me tool and it works until i hit one of the half circle shapes on the outer rim. It says it cant extrude on a curved face.

scrool saw plate.skp (179.1 KB)


thanks for helping:)

One problem is that your inner and outer circles are not clocked in phase with each other. Both look like they were originally 48 sides but the sides do not line up radially.

This means that regardless of the circular outer half-circle cuts there is not a clear path to follow that will chamfer between the edges and leave a solid. If you follow the inner path the outer will not line up and vice versa.

I managed a complex chamfer using the move tool but the result is pretty uneven. Is this basically what you’re going for?

also maybe complete your profile: what version of SU are you using? Different tool and methods are available in different versions.

Oh man, i forgot to line those up. i saw this done on a video for making a turbine blade. thanks for showing me that. Any way to fix that after the extrusion of the circles?

Not trying to chamfer between the outer circle and the ring. here is a pic showing which edge i want chamfered

Ahh, got it. For that you will make a cutting piece and use intersect or solid tools depending on the version you are using (Make? Pro? Free?). I’m using my phone now but I can demonstrate later. Basically, you’re going to make a shape that represents the negative space you want to remove, in his case a circle with a little dished lip that will be the area removed. The overlap it with the original piece in the same context, intersect the two and erase the parts you want to remove. Search for intersect or solid tools on the forum.

i am on pro 2017 full version. Hmm, a cutting tool eh? i tried using a 45 degree line and then the follow me tool and used the line as the cutting tool and the outer circle as the path but i still get crazy issue. Ill have to see what you mean with your demo.

Correct me if i am wrong, but chamfers and rounds are very important in the machining world and design, so why has skethup not added such a feature yet? inventor and solid works has it? can it only be done easily with a parametric modler?


You should probably add you SketchUp software info to your profile, as well, so other people don’t have to ask.

If chamfers are something you regularly add, you should check out Round Corner from Fredo6. It makes adding round corners or chamfers very easy.

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I do have round corners but it is giving the same issue. Those half circle features are not liking the be pushed, pulled or cut in any way.

i use round corners for basic stuff, but i have found that with more complex parts, it begins to fail.

I will add that i use 2017 pro to my file. thanks for letting me know

Cool, if you’re on pro then welcome to the world of solid tools! What I’ve done here is make a shape that represents the void I want to remove. I did this by redrawing a 48s circle that matches the outer diameter (easily done as you’re still centered on the origin which is great) and make it a component, then I made a radially placed triangle of the size of the chamfer and used the follow me tool to extrude the triangle around the circle to make the desired shape.

Next I overlapped the two components and use solid tools “subtract” to cut out the chamfer. Done.



WOW! ok, lets see if i can replicate that process haha. I do not use componets yet or solid tools, so how does one hid the main body like you did so that i can make the chamfer revolve feature?

Then i guess once the chamfer tool is made, i unhide the main body, use move tool to posistion it and then subtract it?

thanks. time to try this out!!

You can use solid tools with groups too, but components are awesome so good time to get into them. I drew the circle in place then made it a component (or group), then I double clicked to edit it. I have a hot key set for hide rest of model but you can find it under View>Component Edit>Hide Rest of Model, with this toggled on the rest of the model disappears whenever you are editing an entity. If you build the circle in place you should not need to move it, I just moved mine so you could see what the shape was.

Good Luck! Holler if you get stuck.

Thanks for the hints and tips. i am waiting for the laptop to update, so far been 2 hours for this win 10 update and its at 42%. Once it is done, ill jump on and give it a go. thank you. i will post again if i get stuck haha

I have an odd issue. as soon as i put the object into a compnent, i lose all functionality of my keyboard with in su. It works in other applications, but i cant type numbers into the measurements, or use any hotkeys. esc doesnt even work or space bar… this is so strange to me

And, if i go to view sompnent edit hide rest of model, nothing happens at all. i have part unselected and selected.

Ok, finally after a restart of laptop and SU. i was able to get it to work somewhat. still cant get the view hide rest of model to work but here is my process for the chamfer. I get some extra lines at the end and not sure why…

sorry for being sooo neeeeeedy. Im a solidworks user so transforming to this has been interesting. i use sw ALOT but want to learn another platform because its importatnt to me haha. oh and its not as expensive

What is the version number of win 10 that you are on?

10.0.17134. That is according to system information.

I had a thought but ….
Anyway is your graphic card set to use SU? This needs to be set in the 3D preferences section for the graphics settings

I’d be inclined to start over on the plate. Draw it with the bevel before cutting the notches and the slot using Follow Me and then add the details using Subtract. I used Eneroth’s Subtract to keep the plate as a component.

scroll saw throat plate.skp (126.4 KB)

If you’re set on chamfering the edge as in your last GIF, make the chamfering ring large so it extends off the part a bit to the side and below. Then correct the face orientation before using Subtract.

No, i dont think i have done that. I will have to see. Windows used to be cool and not require your GPU to have apps added to it. Man i miss win xp and win 7

Hmm, very cool way of making the part using solid modeling. Oh man, this means i will have to learn to use the move tool correctly now. That tool for some reason gives me nightmares in my sleep…

Ill have to try that out right now. Also, i do not have any extensions for solid tools. what are some good ones?

is there a way to look at my sketch history, that way i dont have to hit ctrlz alot to get back to my part before the extrusions?


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Started with SU 2017