Tool Path Chamfer - Complex Curved Faces/ Edges - Help!

Hi all and thanks for your time : )

I’m working on a component for prototyping and ultimately CNC machining. I have a number of complex/variable curved faces and edges which require 0.75mm (0.75m in model) chamfers that terminate to a point. How do I model this tool path accurately?

I have found some success with solid subtractions. Using the follow-me tool to match the edge contour then bending to mimic the chamfer tool gradually pulling off. However, this is a sort of freestyle method with the bending and although it does the job visually it isn’t passable for a finished product.

Here is the model if anyone would be so kind as to give it a go. … 5u9hl&dl=0

Any thoughts, feedback, and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Thnx again

Just an idea

Thank you Mihai.s!

This operation worked perfectly. Awesome video, I really appreciate the guidance.
Incredibly smart idea : )

Thnx again