Newbie question - chamfer?

Absolute newbie here - attempting to do a simple relief at 15 degrees on three sides of a rectangle. Using the push pull tool I can only relieve two sides, the third gives me some weird geometry and indicates a stop at zero degrtesting.skp (15.3 KB)

Use Follow Me instead of Push/Pull. And when you’re modeling, work with the camera set to Perspective instead of Parallel Projection. It’ll make navigating the model much easier.

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Thanks Dave, neat trick. I have lots to learn.

Try the extension RoundCorner by Fredo6. It chamfers and round corners.

Better to learn how to do such simple things as this with the native tools. Round Corner will do a 45° chamfer but not at 15° bevel like the OP was after anyway.

With FredoCorner, you can define a ratio for the bevel. But in this case, it’s probably faster with native tools.