Help needed using push pull on uneven surface

I am trying to duplicate this plastic part. I have attached a picture of the part and the file I am trying to make. On the end shown with the holes and slot, I am having difficulty getting the push/pull to remove the material from the part and not go beyond it. Also, I can’t remove the “material” between the forks of the elongated hole without removing the holes.

Can someone show me how to make the drawing look like the plastic part?
Thank you for your time.
handle.skp (42.6 KB)

where you don’t see a dark line at the intersections of geometry means there is no intersection. Many ways this could of happened, but to fix, select everything and intersect. Then delete the unwanted parts.

There are many ways to resolve this, I’m just muddling through it. Dont know if there’s right or wrong, but in seeing might give you some ideas.


Wow… thank you. That worked. I would have never figured that out on my own.

So, my next question is: How do I chamfer/round off/ make fillet on the 4 edges in the center section of the model. Leaving the area where the holes are and the other end squared off. I can’t find any tutorials on how to do that?

Thank you again.

what version of sketchup do you have? are you able to use plugins/extensions. Fredo corner would work for chamfering, but you could probably do with follow me. Can you sketch over the lines that need chamfering , not quite sure which you need, then it might be easier to show…