How to model a 3D Chamfer on all sides of a square?

I have a project that I am trying to achieve a 2’ rounded 'chamfer an a trapezoid type shaped building, so the corners would intersect and be rounded. I want to keep it uniformly rounded on all the vertical corners and roof lines. Is there a plug in or technique that can produce this in 3D, such as the 1001 bit tools(chamfer tool) does in 2d? much thanks, Keea

Hi @Keea,

Your description is a bit foggy.
Might you share the model file to help us understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish?

HI Geo,

I am a kind of new to the forum so sorry if I didn’t describe accurately what I am needing. Here is a screen shot of my model, and I basically want to make all the hard edges into a 2’ radius(the four corners of each building, as well as the for lines on each roof. Hope that makes more sense. Please let me know…thx, Keea

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Ah, now I see what you’re after.

Here’s just the tool you need:

Fredo6: RoundCorner v3.1a — SketchUcation PluginStore

Thanks so much…that did the trick! I appreciate your time to help me…Keea

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I also would like to ask how, once I have done the irregular shapes of building(outside surfaces only), is their a way to do a 3d offset to give and 8" wall mass thicknes for the interior walls, extruded from these outer walls? Thx Keea

Fredo’s Joint Push/Pull, also from the Sketchucation Plugin Store, would do it.

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