How to chamfer in 3d Corner

I need to chamfer on the corner , do i need any plugin?

3D corner round issue.skp (952.9 KB)

No, you need to learn the capabilities of SU’s native tools.

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Or…you can use the offset tool which is also native.

and…you can do the edit on all 4 corners in fewer steps by pushing face down rather than erasing it.


With a little forethought you can do this much more easily and in fewer steps.


I don’t have access to a pc at the moment, but aren’t we all missing what a chamfer is.


I wondered if the right term was being used but since Geo was so certain, I just followed along. The title of the SKP file is “3D corner round issue” which would lead me to believe Geo and Mics54 were on the right track despite the use of the word chamfer in the title.

I think of a chamfer as an angled edge.

Maybe the OP needs to clarify. Is it supposed to be a radiused corner or something else?

missing or ignoring.

Yes I want to draw chamfer which is 45 degree angled corner and the corner is negative corner

i’ve done your way but when i delete vertical line the face gone as well as picture that i attached.
by the way how you guys create gif file to show what you was doing?

Geo wasn’t deleting that edge/line… he was Hiding it.

Open … >Windows >Instructor panel, and select the Eraser tool… Modifer Keys change this tools function.

Well, here’s one way: Copy the corner line with the move tool + option and then move the corner the same amout.

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Round corner is a free extension from Sketchucation. It’s helpful with modeling chamfers and fillets. These shapes are possible with SketchUp’s native tools, but this extension can be a huge time saver.

Here’s the Round Corner’s download page:

You also need a library called LibFredo6 for the extension to work. Here’s the download page:

Here’s a tutorial:

it works very well, i think this is easiest way of doing this job.
appreciate it

As @JimD says, Modifier keys imbue the Eraser tool multiple functions.
The same is true for many of SketchUp’s tools.

In this case, I used Eraser+Ctrl to Soften/Smooth the edges.

See the Eraser video tutorial for more.

Look to the Status Bar at lower left for tips on Modifier Keys for the active tool.


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it’s all good now , i appreciate your help.

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