Need help to either round something or how to offset the rounded version of it

I want to create the desk in the jpeg.
I have the 2 attached sketchup files that I modeled.
The straight one I don’t know how to curve to create what I want and the rounded one I don’t know how to offset the rounded part to create the empty inside of the metal leg.

exec desk1.skp (418.4 KB)
rounded exec.skp (373.4 KB)

How are you planning to use the model? How much detail does it need to have? Do you have the actual dimensions of the desk?

Preumably you just need to represent this table and aren’t making construction drawings for it. Here’s one approach that is quick and pretty simple.

I started by drawing just the right half of the base as a 2D thing. I used Push/Pull to extrude it to height and erased what I didn’t want.
Next I selected the face at the end and rotated it out to form the angled leg.
I used FredoCorner to add a radius where the base transitions to the leg.
Then Joint Push/Pull to give it thickness.
Finally, I copy/flipped the geometry to make the left half.

Thanks. whew… I’m not used to using all these tools. I usually create straight furniture for representation or shop drawings… Gonna try to follow your steps to achieve this.

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Break it down into smaller parts. That’ll make it easier. Also, don’t apply textures or colors until the geometry for your model is complete.

Are you creating shop drawings for this table? If so do you have actual dimensions?

I’d need it to be around 9’W. A bit small for a round table. The depth of the worksurface 30" or 36"

OK. So you can use those dimensions to model it using the method I showed. You didn’t come back yesterday with the dimension so I just eyeballed it to make the example for you. You can do whatever you need, though.

I installed fredo corner, it says by my extension manager that it’s installed.
Where do I find it on my toolbar?

Did you also install the required LibFredo6 and Sketchucation ExtensionStore as well? Did you restart SketchUp after installing them? Did you look in View>Toolbars for the toolbar and check the box for it?

Seems kind of odd to have so many redundant tools on your toolbars.

Yes. I found it already. I had to close my file and reopen for the toolbar to pop up. This FredoCorner is a complicated tool in itself that I need to figure out now.

Go to the extension’s page at Sketchucation. There are instructional materials there.