Round edges?


Thank y’all for your help so far.

I have what I think is a simple question. As a final step in modeling, I’d like to ‘round’ external edges and add a fillet to concave edges. Simple rounding with a small diameter edge.

Is there a way to do this? Can the smooth feature be used in this manner? Or something else?


You probably don’t want my advice but for the roundovers in SketchUp Shop you would need to model differently. For the main disk you would draw a cross section profile and use Follow Me to sweep it around to make it 3D. You could draw the profile of just the round over on the model or draw the profile of the entire disk and sweep that. This second option would be less work.You would need to do similar things with Push/Pull to add fillets the parts that extend off the surface such as that tall section on top and the ribs on the bottom.

The Soften/Smooth feature only creates a visual thing on screen. It does not round the edges.

LOL! Why wouldn’t I want to hear from you? Your advice has been extremely helpful!!!

I suspected that “smooth” may not have been useful for what I had in mind. But I wasn’t sure, so thank you for your reply. I haven’t used “follow me” often but I’ll check it out. It also would be useful to create the uniform wall section, I’d guess.

Another idea that came to mind is there are lots of uses for follow me. It probably would simplify drawing the components with fewer edits.

Meaning, I’ve been drawing by creating a monolithic object and subsequently modeling by deletion.

So I’d draw an 1/8” rectangle, adding circles, pushing them through the object (beyond the parallel face so I could tell when it’s through all the way), intersect faces and finally deleting any protrusions on the other side.

Or, draw a rectangle. Adding circles, round delete the centers, and pull the rectangle into a block!