Help design a chamfer on a bench leg

Hello everyone!
I’m new to Sketchup and having trouble with design a chanfer on a bench leg.
The chanfer itself is not the problem, I know how to do it. The problem is that the leg has a 5cm round cut, and I can’t make the chanfer work with this cut.
Here is an image to help understand it:

This image is from a model someone sent me. I’m uploading it with this topic for clarity.
The chanfer have an angle of 45º and the cut is based on a 5cm circle.

How can I reproduce this design?
I can make the chanfer and I can make the 5cm cut, but I can’t make both of them on the same piece…

Sorry for my english, since it isn’t my main language.

Thank you very much!
Chamfer.skp (749.1 KB)

I’d suggest Round Corner, by Fredo6, which is available from the Plugin store on It has a feature to make beveled edges, not rounded ones.

If I were modeling this bench leg I would put the chamfers on the feet first. As @davidheim1 mentioned, there is a tool in Fredo6’s RoundCorner that will make quick work of that. His newer FredoCorner can also do it.

Your profile and this post are a bit confusing. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2020 but it also indicates you are using SketchUp Free (Web). You didn’t post in the SketchUp Free category, though. If you are using SketchUp Free on the web, the aforementioned extensions are out so you have to do the chamfering manually.

As for the cove running up the corners of the leg, I would make a “cutter” with a rounded edge and intersect that with the leg. If you are using SketchUp 2020 you can use the Solid Tools or Eneroth Solid Tools or BoolTools2 to trim the leg with the cutters as I have below. If you are using the free web version you’ll need to do the intersection and erase everything that isn’t the leg.

How do you plan to cut this in real wood? If you are using a router bit or similar, the top end where the cove stops won’t be flat as it is shown in the model. It’ll look more like that on the right. That’s easy enough to do. Just model the “cutter” with a radiused top. Think of modeling the path the router bit would take as it makes the cut in the wood.

Thank you very much for your answer @DaveR.
The Solid Tools solved my problem in an easy way!
Everything working now!

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Good deal. Keep in mind the native Solid Tools convert the components they modify to groups. Eneroth Solid Tools and Bool Tools2 respect the components and don’t convert them to components. This is extremely useful as you go through a model adding details.