Follow me tool doesn't make an edge curved

Follow me tool doesn’t make an edge curved like i want it to. I tried going from both sides but on the left side it says ‘this does not appear to be a valid path’. This is a resized model to 10 because i read it’s better to enlarge it before doing this but it doesn’t help much. I want it to make the curve all around the edge like highlighted in picture 2.

I got this shape by drawing around a sketch and extruding it then intersecting the two pieces (it can be seen in the skp file, the smaller two objects are the originals). Using Sketchup Free 2017. Any help will be appreciated.

FollowMe cannot make a fillet between multiple faces with a differing angle, and if the path curves in more than one plane the profile will twist as it is kept perpendicular to the path at all times.

You might try Fredo’s Round Corner plugin for this. It can be downloaded from SketchUcation (requires a free registration).

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Thanks for the suggestion but it still doesn’t work very well. There are a lot of overlapping edges. I feel like i’ve ran into a sketchup limitation and that I should start investing time into teaching myself working with different software? What would you suggest? Would solidworks do properly what I want with this model?

Just upload the SKP file here so we can see it.

It’s pretty big. 35MB or so. I tried it but it said it’s too big. I uploaded it to zippyshare.

Zippyshare just wants to download a bunch of junk to my computer. Purge unused and eliminate all the unneeded stuff from the file. The shape you are working with is surely not 35 Mb.

I did but it’s still 35MB. I even cut the main model in half.

I can upload wherever you want me to.

Upload it to Dropbox.

Did you purge the model.

I thought by purge you meant remove what I don’t need. I don’t know how to ‘purge’ something if it’s a common way to delete something.

I just googled it and purging now :smiley:

EDIT: 8th_prototype.skp (132.2 KB)

Go Window/Model info/statistics Purge unused

This is Fredos round corner.

Erm I need the other side to be like that not the inner side. That’s only half of the model. :smiley:

I split it when I was trying to reduce the size of the skp file. Sorry.

Ok, I’m going to bed. Try to explain what you actually want clearly in future.

Go to the first post where I uploaded two images. The second one shows outlined the edge that I want.
I said: “I want it to make the curve all around the edge like highlighted in picture 2.”

That’s pretty clear to me.

I notice that your profile says you are using SketchUp Free, the cloud-based version of SketchUp, though the topic doesn’t have that tag. If that’s what you are using, you can only employ built-in tools because SketchUp Free does not yet support extensions. As @Anssi noted, the built-in FollowMe tool will twist the profile when the path is not planar. Drawing the roundover you desire using simpler tools will be extremely time-consuming.

You may have to install SketchUp Make (which is also no-cost, but is a separate desktop product independent of SketchUp Free) so that you can try extensions such as Eneroth’s Upright Extrude or Fredo6’s Round Corner.

Make and free are different products? I do use make right now. Sorry i didn’t think there was a distinction. I did try fredo6’s round corner extension but there is a lot of overlaps and reducing the offset doesn’t come out as what I want.

Yes, and this is causing a lot of confusion in the forum recently. People are being sloppy about their profile information, about correctly tagging their topics, and about the words they use in their posts. This sloppiness makes it harder for others to correctly answer questions here! The confusion arises because users think “I got SketchUp for free” so I must be using “SketchUp Free”.

“SketchUp Free” is a cloud-based implementation that runs in your web browser. It is the new direction the SketchUp development team has been heading. It is currently in ongoing incremental development, with frequent updates that you automatically get each time you connect. One key feature not yet implemented is ability to run extensions/plugins.

“SketchUp Make” (download from the SketchUp home website) is a desktop application that runs natively in your computer. It is essentially the same product as SketchUp Pro 2017 with some of the features disabled. Trimble has announced that SketchUp Make 2017 is the last version that will be released.

Both SketchUp Free and SketchUp Make are available at no cost (i.e. “for free”) and are restricted to non-commercial use.

Yes i see now. I changed it in my profile info.