Follow me tool around a curve

Sorry to do this, but I’ve been working at this for days now and need to get it done. I just want to roundover or chamfer the outside bottom edge of this extrusion. I’ve Scaled it up by 1000, drawn a face in the shape of a piece of pie, clicked the follow me tool, clicked the face, and dragged it around the edge . It works, but the shape does not stick to the bottom of the extrusion. They’re two separate parts so I don’t think they’ll print correctly. The other file shows my several attempts. The last one on the right is grouped, but not a solid group.Any advice? Thank you for your help!

End Cap Question.skp (125.9 KB)

End Cap Q2.skp (317.7 KB)

You don’t say what radius you want for the round over.

You’re on the right track with your second file but do you want that step on the inside? The radius is larger than the width of the flat.

I appreciate the offer but I’m past due on other projects! Here’s my latest, though. I see there are some funny lines inside and the inside corners have those little curly cues which tells me I did it wrong again (I drew a box from one midpoint to the other, so I thought that would fix it.) So, it won’t form a solid. I’ll get back to you later if I can. It’s time for other work.End Cap Q3.skp (181.0 KB)

That’s not bad. There are some unneeded edges on the inside.

Here’s what I did to your first file.

End Cap.skp (252.0 KB)

Can’t thank you enough for your time and wisdom, Dave. Being from New York, I was initially wary of accepting your offer, not knowing who was out there. I’m glad I did. SketchUp is fun, but not so much when you’re stuck!

Happy Holidays!


Happy to help, Ken. You’re right. It’s hard to enjoy it when you can’t seem to get past a snag.

Happy Holidays to you as well.


Can’t believe it. I’m still have trouble. I should have taken notes… Anyway, what did you use to enlarge the circle (or was it an arc by then) to adjust for that slight rotation?

I made a 48-sided circle and then rotated it 3.25 degrees to get an edge perpendicular to the vertical guideline at the top of the circle. I then selected the entire circle and Scaled it by the side handle. While holding Ctrl and Shift, I pulled the handle out to snap to the vertical guideline for the outside.

Easy! Thanks! One more question - why 3.25* instead of 3.75*? (360/48=7.5, 7.5/2=3.75 not that I need to tell you that…)

My apologies. 3.75 is correct.

Whew! I’m learning something! Thanks.

“The path that you have chosen does not begin or end on the extrusion cross section”??? And, I’m getting a halo around the bottom opening. Any ideas? Sorry to keep after you. I hope your Derby entry wins.End Cap 4.skp (282.6 KB)

The message is no big deal and you can soften that edge around the bottom.

Thanks on the Derby entry. We were able to get some paint on it. Now to prepare dinner.

Take a peek, you have an issue in the corners:

ENDCAP.skp (278.5 KB)

We already covered those. Select all of that geometry, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection and then erase those edges as well as any on the bottom.

Hey Dave,

Thanks again for all your help yesterday. I finally got it done this afternoon. There was more going on in the corner than I realized, but now it’s a solid group ready for printing. What fun!

I have one other question that I’m not sure is appropriate, but I’ll ask anyway. We have an STL file that came from another vendor. I tried opening it up but it’s a mass of lines. I see that the PRO version will import files like that, but we can’t spend the $700 just yet. Is there a way for me to send it somewhere and have it translated into a SKP file? I presume there would be $$$ involved.

Thank you for your consideration!

KenEnd Cap Revision.stl (75.3 KB)

there is an STL import/export extension that works for Make or Pro in Extension Warehouse…

Ken, I’m glad you got it sorted.

See if this file works for you. I only opened it in SketchUp and saved the SKP file. It needs some edges deleted or softened/hidden to make it look pretty.
End Cap.skp (238.5 KB)

And John beat me to the part about the STL importer extension in the Extension Warehouse.

John - I tried it, and tried CADSpan & SimLab STL Importer and didn’t have any luck - it kept bogging down my computer. I don’t know what program originated the file so I don’t even know if it would work.

Dave, that looks like a bunch of lines, not edges and faces. Was it created in SketchUp? I’ll try to play with it later. For now, I’ve got to work my day job.


Dave – Oops! I got it. That’s my STL file imported into a SKP file. It doesn’t look like something I could easily modify. For now maybe I should stick with the basics. ;<)