Follow me doesn't remove the extruded material (newbie)

I’m trying to form a 1/4" round over on the edge of a children’s bookshelf. I use the Follow Me tool to extrude the profile along the path, but when I complete the path, the extruded material doesn’t go away. If I try to erase it, you see inside the piece. What am I doing wrong?

Could you share the SKP file? The exact fix will be much easier to give you if we can see it.

Okay, I’ll show my ignorance here…how do I do that?

Please bear with me. My world is in the woodshop, not on a computer. I just started with Sketchup last week.

7th button from the left along the row just above the text box where you type your message.

The SKP file is the SketchUp file you should have when you save the file.

Castle take two.skp (487.8 KB)

Good. I’ll take a look.

That was easy to figure out. The arc for you roundover isn’t tangent to the edges.

And if you look at the vertical face when you zoom in, you can see the edge of the round over isn’t on the surface. It’s very close so it’ll look fine when viewed from a great distance but close only count in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Do you want help to straighten it out?

Thanks DaveR!! I’m relieved it’s that simple. I’m working with the mouse on my laptop, so I’m trying not to make any more moves than I have to! Being lazy caught up to me.

Thanks for the offer to fix, but I should be able to correct with no trouble.

OK. Let me know. I would suggest redrawing that part because the arcs in the corners at the bottoms of the crennelations really should be straightened out, too. They aren’t right as they are.

I appreciate the heads up.

Happy if it helps. It’s a quick thing to redraw the part

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