Problems Using the Follow Me Tool to Do an Extrusion

I’m trying to draw a simple drawer pull that forms a modified “U” shape. I drew the object you see in the pic but can get no further than you see. The Follow Me tool, used in conjunction with the Ctrl key, selects the circle. When I pull the selected circle I expect it to follow the entire path of the line but it stops where you see it. It does not extend the outer portion beyond the point at which the bend begins. I cannot get it to go past this point without weird results.

Drawer Pull

What am I doing wrong?


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Upload the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got. It could just be that you are working at too small a size for SketchUp to create the required edges and faces.

Or it’s possible there’s a bad spot in the path. How did you draw the arcs at the corners?

The most likely explanation is that you did not select the entire path before invoking the follow-me, that is, you selected only the straight part before the first curve. In the attached you can see that I missed one of the end lines and corrected by adding it to the selection. The animation below was drawn 3 inches wide and 1 1/4 inch deep with a 1/8 inch circle, so I don’t think size is the problem (Edit: unless the curves are quite tight compared to the radius of the circle).

follow me

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Dave’s probably right that you might have a break in your path.

However, the best way to have your circle (or any other shape) follow that path is not to “pull” it around the path, but to select the entire path using “select” tool with the “shift” key as the modifier. Then select “follow me” and select the profile you want to do the following.
Woops! Looks like slbaumgartner, has you fixed up already.

Thank you all. I got the result I wanted with your help.

Dave asked about how I did the curves. On inspection I found a problem where the lines did not join in a perfect arc. I fixed that and then followed SL’s advice to select the entire path. I had experienced a senior moment and forgot that I had to select the path.

Here is the result…
Finished Pull



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