The path that you have chosen does not begin or end on the extrusion

Please can some one help with the follow me tool.

I have watched the various tutorials but when I attempt to use the tool it does not behave as shown in the videos. I am using 2020.

Firstly I get the error message:

The path that you have chosen does not begin or end on the extrusion.

What does this actually mean. It is not explained in the tutorial nor in the notes. The topics listed in this forum dealing with this error do not explain why it appears nor what it means. Well not in words that I understand.

Secondly in the tutorial it shows a face being led along a path and going around corners. This simply does not happen in reality. You can lead it in a straight line but not around a corner.

Thirdly I can get the tool to extrude by following the bounding edges on a pre-selected face. But the video shows you pre-selecting a line as a path and the face following it.

This simply does not happen in reality. It simply comes up with an error saying the path you have selected an invalid path. Once again I cannot find any explanation in the notes with the video which explains this error.

This appears to be a bread and butter tool. But I have to leave it now it is just too frustrating and stressful.


That message just means what it says. It doesn’t necessarily mean the Follow Me operation will fail. In fact I usually separate the path and the profile. Sometimes because I want to use the path again for another profile. Sometimes for other reasons.

Share your .skp file so we can see what you are trying to do.

This sounds like you are using Push/Pull, not Follow Me. Again, without seeing your model file, it’s hard to tell but Follow Me will go around corners.

It will happen but you need the right setup. So again, seeing your .skp file would help to get you sorted.

It really shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds like you have it.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

I wish to create a chrome hand rail 60mm in diameter by following the frame draw with the line tool. The face has been created with the circle tool.

Follow Me Test.skp (155.9 KB)

What version of SketchUp are you using?


Do you see the test file? How do I embed it in the post?

There’s no path or profile in your file. Only the Laura component which has been deleted from the model space.

The file did eventually show up in your post. You should just be able to drag it into a reply.

Sorry to be woefully stupid. But do I have to do something to the face to define it as a profile? If so that isn’t stated in the tutorial at all.

Ditto what do I have to do the lines to define them as a path. Ditto there is no mention of doing anything other than selecting the line to follow in the tutorial.Follow Me Test.skp (155.9 KB)

No. You just need a face. In the file you uploaded, there isn’t one.

There’s nothing needed to define the edges as a path. Again, in the file you uploaded, there is nothing that could be used as a path. So as it is, there’s nothing for Follow Me to do.

This is what I see in your model.

The Line draw by the line tool is that one in the same as an edge?

The face draw by the the circle tool does that not count as a face for follow me?

I see you edited your previous post to add a new file. It looks like this when I open it.


A face created with the Circle tool can be a profile.

OK lets try that again.

Follow Me Test.skp (163.7 KB)

I just see the file name nothing else. I assume you are supposed to be able to see the file as it actually is when you do an upload?

OK. Finally we have something to work with.

First of all, you need to put the profile face so it is aligned with the path. You haven’t done that.

The only place where it makes sense to run Follow Me for this is the hand rail. Use Push/Pull on circles for the verticals.

Here I’ve aligned a circle with the end of the horizontals. I put it directly above the end so you can see the result more easily. Then I selected the horizontal edges to use as the path, got the Follow Me tool (I have a keyboard short cut for that) and clicked on the circle.

FWIW, Follow Me will not do forked extrusions. You’ll have to do the verticals separately. As above, Push/Pull makes more sense and you really don’t need to draw the vertical centerlines as all.

Thank you. I would love to know how you added that to the post like that.

Right I think therefore that I am expecting too much from this tool. I was selecting the horizontals and verticals and with the face aligned perpendicular to the vertical. in the expectation that it would follow up and down and along all in one go.

I think that you are say that it can do Horizontal or Vertical but not both.

The animation? It’s just a GIF file created with LiceCap.

Yeah. You apparently were.

Not exactly. Follow Me can follow paths that run in any direction. It can’t do forked paths and it will only do one path at a time.

And you have to set up the path and profile correctly.

Here’s a path that turns corners and rises through part of it.

Aha so aha ok so when I do just the end legs it follows. When I add the middle legs it say invalid path aka this is a forked path.

Yes. That’s a forked path. And as I’ve said a coup[le of times, you don’t need Follow Me to create the verticals.

Thank you, yes it is beginning to make sense now. I will have to play around a bit more.

I have got it to follow the cursor as well now. You have to let it catch up when you go around a corner. I was letting go when it appeared not to follow. Keeping the left click down until the extrusion appears is the trick. There is a second or so delay.

Thank you again for your help.

In general, due to issues such as this, the best practice is to select the entire path first, activate followme, and then click the profile.