FollowMe Tool Issues in 3D


Hi All,
I am trying to use the Follow Me tool to create a cut to a site (land). The ‘path’ follows the edge of a driveway and is in 3D (ie. has a path that turns and rises). The path is continuous. I get an error message saying “This does not appear to be a valid path”.

I have recreated the path but no luck. I have created alternative (simpler) paths and these work.

Any Ideas? His there a limit to path lengths / segments?


What happens if you run Follow Me anyway?

How about sharing the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got?


1190 Blakers Survey v2 Site Cut.skp (497.1 KB)

When run the error message comes up. File attached.


Sorry, use this file instead.1190 Blakers Survey v2 Site Cut.skp (518.6 KB)


OK. I used the second file.

There’s a bad spot on the path at the cursor. I used Eneroth Auto Weld to weld the edges of the path together but there’s a break in the welding here.

I redrew that section and welded it all before running Follow Me.

Due to the location of the path relative to the shape of the profile, there are places where the extrusion folds over itself which will need to be cleaned up but the Follow Me operation does complete as expected.

If you were to draw the path for the top corner of the profile instead of that bottom corner, you wouldn’t end up with the overlaps.

As an example, I moved the path you’d drawn up to the top of the triangle.

With Follow Me now there’s none of those overlaps as before.

Of course you can’t just move the path up because the base of the extrusion won’t be the shape you need. You’d need to create a new appropriate path instead. If it was flat you might be able to use Offset but that won’t work in this case so another method would be needed to draw the path.


Thanks very much DaveR. I will get this extension. The extrusion needs to follw the driveway outline with the batter folding back and up, so placing the profile elsewhere will not give me the result. I have no issues cleaning up after the followme tool has done it’s thing. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


I realize you need it to follow the driveway outline. I just thought I’d point out that it’s possible to avoid the cleanup with the right path location.


ThomThom’s “edge tools” are also a handy way to find gaps in lines, and it can repair them too prior to welding.


Thanks very much to all of you for the solution and for getting back to me so quickly.