Not valid path - follow me tool

Hello! What should I do when I get the “not a valid path” notice using the “follow me” tool?
Sometimes it will continue, but there will be a gap.

EB.skp (205.9 KB)
here is the file. please help

Were you trying to run Follow Me over the whole length as I did here?

A key thing about Follow Me is the profile needs to be placed perpendicular to the first segment in the path. If it’s not SketchUp will project (not rotatem which is very different) the profile to perpendicular. That can create issues in the extrusion. So if you were trying to start from the end of the straight extrusion, you are setting up a bad situation.
Screenshot - 12_9_2023 , 7_31_33 AM

For something like this it doesn’t make sense to extrude the straight section first and then add the curved part. Do it in one stroke. Before doing it, weld the edges of the path so thecan be selected with a single click.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates you are using the free web version but the model doesn’t look like it.

Thank you! I appreciate your help a lot. I got it just now. I used to do it on the website, and I just forgot to change my profile sorry.

Please correct your forum profile.