Follow me tool - "not a valid path"


Using the Follow Me tool to create crown moulding above a cabinet, but I keep getting the “not a valid path” notice. The moulding only follows two lines, not the three that are selected. I’ve verified that all surfaces and lines are closed and coplanar. What’s my issue? ;(


How about uploading the SKP file so we can see it?


Hi Dave…Beach house-follow me issue.skp (1.9 MB)


What are you selecting to be the path? The most common cause of this error is that there is a gap in the selected set of edges.


What are you trying to put the crown around? Just the cabinet?


yes, three lines, two corners


I did the following:

  • moved the profile back to the start of the path and rotated it 90 degrees to be perpendicular to the first edge
  • redrew edges along the sides and front of the cabinet
  • selected the three edges
  • ran the followme tool on the profile.

I got no errors, so I surmise there was a gap in your path


I did the following.

I copied the profile back along the front edge of the cupboard. I then erased the moulding between that copy and the corner, leaving just the line that defines the back bottom edge. I then selected that line and the return line along the side of the cupboard and used Follow Me. That worked fine so it doesn’t look as if there was a gap in the path. The only thing I can think is that you somehow didn’t manage to select the third side as part of the path.


Hopefully you’re on your way now with Follow Me. As we figured out, getting the selection before and after the Follow Me tool is the big issue and making sure the path doesn’t have gaps in it is important too.

Selecting only the path and not the profile before getting the Follow Me tool turned out to be the primary fix to problem.


Thank you!!


Just to confirm it must have been some sort of pilot error, missed an edge most likely, here is is using your geometry with nothing added or changed.


A handy way to diagnose (and fix) those unexpected gaps that Steve mentioned as the possible culprit when running into this issue.

can be done with the help of ThomThom’s EdgeTools2.


After seeing the previous posts in which others didn’t find gaps, another idea not involving a gap occurred to me. It is quite possible the OP accidentally selected the cabinet component while attempting to select edges for the follow-me path. Since the path’s intended edges coincide with the edges of the cabinet component (but outside the component’s context), this is very easy to do. A component is not a legal entity in the path!


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