Follow me tool problem invalid path

Hi I am using the follow me tool to design frames , I select the face and the 3 lines of the door but it keep telling me the path is invalid what could be the problem?

Share the file so we can see what you’re doing. Very likely you’re trying to use the tool incorrectly. The right way would be to select the edges for the path, get Follow Me, and click on the profile face. Do not select the profile face or its edges at the same time you select the path.


Which version of SketchUp are you working in? Your profile says you are using the Go Plan but the version number you list is a desktop version which is not included with the Go Plan.

It worked ,thanks so much I was selecting the face together with the path .
Looks like issue was readdressed
Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

You might want to spend some time going through the tutorials at and also look at the Square One videos on the SketchUp YouTube channel.

Please correct your forum profile with the right SketchUp version. Also 2024 is not an operating system and Trimble is not a graphics card.