Follow Me Tutorial

I am trying to learn Sketchup and am taking the Tutorial, lesson 11-Follow-Me. In the tutorial he shows how to make a path and then double clicks on it to check it. No matter what I do the entire path does not light up when I double click on it and I have drawn it over and over again.

What is the issue?

I have closed the lesson and practice stuff over and over as well. Same results. I have used the drop down mean that lets you select all connected and then made it all a group. When I draw my shape and select the group I get “this does not appear to be a valid path” error notice.


How about if you share the SketchUp file so we can see exactly what you have modeled and are trying to do. I’m sure the fix is simple.

By the way, are you using SketchUp Free on the web or are you using SketchUp Pro 2020? Your profile is confusing and knowing the correct version will help us help you.

11-Follow-Me 2-Kitchen_(Jeffokun_File).skp (1.1 MB)

Is it the vases you’re trying to run Follow Me on? If so, in the file you uploaded, they are locked to prevent modification as evidenced by the red bounding boxes. You’ll need to unlock them first and then open them for editing before you can run Follow Me.

I wonder why they were locked in the first place.

No - I got the vases no issues - it is the header molding rod the top of the room. I got it to work one time after I wrote you last night but cannot get it to work again and I am so sick of watching the tutorial!

Thanks for the hint if you have any!

Are you referring to the crown molding? It’s really the same process.

Sorry. I just went back to your first post and remembered this:

Double click is your problem. Triple click on the path with the Select tool.

You can have the path inside a group when the profile is outside of it.