Issue with follow me around curved surface


I am trying to draw a curved chair back with a scallop shape on the top. I am having some issues with the surface not completing. Theres also another little funny problem where it looks like im seeing the back of the face on a small portion, but cant select it to flip it. Its also not missing as far as I can tell.

Image attached to clarify.

Can you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got set up?

Attached file.

Curve test.skp (47.7 KB)

So on the left end there’s a couple of faces missing. Drawing in the edge they need to form will fix that. At the right end the faces are reversed. Selecting them and reversing them will take care of that.

FM fix

How did you go about creating the rail? Did you cut this out of the shape in the background?

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Thank you, I think I swear I tried filling in the lines, I just didn’t do it properly.

I built a rectangle, pulled it, cut the front and back curves with pull tool. Then put a circle on the side edge and used follow me tool.

I want to try another drawing next, but have no clue how to achieve this look. Image attached. Any advice on that would be really appreciated.

For someting like you show in your photo I would imagine the volume of space a large cutter would pass through to make that cut. Model the shape of the volume and make it a solid component or group. Make the piece of wood a solid component, too. then use Trim or Subtract from either the native Solid Tools or Eneroth Solid tools to make the cut.

Is that hollow concave like part of a sphere was cut out or is it flat like you’ve get by cutting it at the bandsaw with the table tilted.

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In @DaveR 's image you will notice the dashed lines joining the little faces on the curved surface. They are there because he turned on View->Hidden Geometry. You have to be able to see them to select the little faces making up the curved surface.

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Not a final version, but works great. Thank you again!

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