Need help with follow-me tool to draw a skirt around a sphere

Hi, I need help with the follow-me tool. I’m trying to recreate an object that is only available as an STL, so everything is just a bunch of triangles. Also, it appears that the model is very poorly designed even before it was an STL.

The STL is in the foreground and my design is behind it. The red arrow points to the part that I’m trying to recreate – a “skirt” that smooths the joint between the sphere and the shaft under it.

I was able to use the follow-me tool to create the skirt on the bottom of the shaft. But the same technique doesn’t seem to work on the top, probably because it’s a curved surface.

Can someone show me how to make this skirt? Thanks.
holder.skp (2.9 MB)

If I were modeling that I would draw the cross section including that radius and use Follow Me.


DaveR is so fast!! :grinning:



I guess I’ll just drink my coffee then.


Here’s a quickie showing you what the issue you may be struggling with is. When you create a profile on something like this you either need to unsoften the actual edges of the profile or turn on hidden geometry while using the follow me tool.
See in the gif how Follow me gives me the NO sign but then works when I turn on hidden geometry. It needs to see the profile as a single face.


You guys are great! Thank you very much. All of these ideas are fantastic, and I really need to keep these methods in mind.

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That’s because he’s often also the OP but that’s a well kept secret.

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