Sphere with Follow Me Tool Creating Artifacts

This is my first time digging into Sketchup so I may be making a simple mistake here, but I’m trying to follow a tutorial that starts with creating a simple sphere out of 2 circles (1.17m and 200 sides) using the follow me tool. The sphere is created but something strange seems to be happening at the circles ends.

Not sure what’s happening here, hopefully this makes sense to someone.

Here’s a screenshot of the results I’m continually getting:

Show us the setup before you run Follow Me Upload the SKP file with your setup.

200 sides is excessive, though. And before you increase the number of sides, learn how to do this with the default 24 sides on the circles.

Thanks for the response, Dave.

I get the same sort of problem with a 24 segment circle.

Sphere Trouble.skp (101.2 KB)

Two problems I see with your model. The main one is that you’ve dragged the radius of the circles out in some random direction. Notice where the vertex on the edge is relative to the blue axis.When you are drawing circles, you should drag the radii out on axis.

Notice how in my set up, the vertices of the circles are on axis. The guideline on the lower circle is parallel to the green axis. The other thing that would be useful is to not split the profile with the path. Put the path below the profile.

Thanks a lot, Dave.

Really appreciate your assistance with this.

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